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Veronne Meets Oficial Pokemon.

A series created to juxtapose my original designs with that of official Pokemon

Badgeom Meets Snivy

Veronne's grass starter: Badgeom meets Unova's grass starter: Snivy for the first time.


Vs. Servine

Phantadger,using Arrow Leaf but Unova 1st stage starter-Servine has a bendy body and manages to dodge.


and Serperior

Savageshade and Serperior team up!

Bariblaze and Emboar

Emboar and Veronne fire starter Bariblaze team up.

Cuttlish Meets Oshawott

Veronne's Water Starter: Cuttlish meets Unova's starter: Oshawott for the first time.

Cuttslye Vs. Dewott

Dewott tries to defend by throwing up a Hydro Shield but Cuttslye's Water Snare passes right under and traps it in fast current water cage.

Kitsunartic Vs. Zoroark

Kitsunartic the arctic fox dodges Zoroark the monster fox's Shadow Claw and prepares to counter with Ice Fang!

Crestiquil Meets Trubbish

Crestiquil, the Porcupine meets Trubbish.

Quilivid Vs. Garbodor

Quilivid the porcupine throws down with Generation five's Garbodor.

Unfezant and Eegrand

Unfezant and Eegrand team up! Unfezant uses Feather Dance while Eegrand is charging up for an Lightning Wing attack.

Larvant meets


Larvant, the fire-ant larvae meets Sewaddle.

Armant Vs.


Armant uses Flamethrower but Swadloon counters with String Shield.

Crawlimb Vs. Whirlipede

Whirlipede attempts a hit with Rollout but Crawlimb's lithe body dodges. How will Crawlimb respond?

Senped and Scollipede

Scollipede launches a Cross Poison while Senped reaches out with a Vital Grip from it's tail pincers.

Humwing Meets Cutiefly

Tiny bird, Humwing meets the also very tiny Cutiefly.

Sablaze Meets


Veronne's fire starter: Sablaze meets Unova's fire starter: Tepig for the first time.

Blazanda Vs. Pignite

Blazanda using Seeker Flame(the magical leaf of fire types) against the Unova fire starter Pignite.

Cuthulhone and Samurott

Water Starter: Cuthulhone and Gen 5 starter Samurott.

Vulpice Meets Zorua

Vulpice, the arctic fox pup of Veronne meets Zorua the illusory fox pup of Unova.

Eeglits Meets Pidove

Eeglit, Veronne region's resident electric canary meets Unova's Pidove

Justeegle Vs. Tranquil

It's justice versus tranquility in this battle between Justeegle as it unleashes a powerful Laser against Tranquill who is countering with Dispersal Wind.

Flamant, Empressant

and Leavanny

Flamant uses Sunny Day while Leavanny lets loose with an Energy Ball and Empressant preps for her own special attack.

Polyrol meets Venipede

Little Polyrol meets Venipede.

Drumpek Vs Ribombee

Drumpek battles a wild Ribo

Poshling Meets Pancham

 Poshling the baby opposum and Pancham the panda cub meet.

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