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A little about me

To contact me you can email me @ Please use this website address as part of the subject line. You can also message me on my deviantart page. The link for my deviantart page is located in the links section.

My writing is purely fantasy and so is all my manga-style art. I indulge in make-believe and walk along my dreams. I worship the living world of imagination. My name is Kelson Anthony Obina. 24. Majoring in Illustration, and liking creative writing, and acting: What can I say, my life is entertainment.

What to say about myself, my goals, hmmm. Okay, here's the deal with my dream: The title of this site is the name of the company I want to run some day. I want to be able to publish all my writing and art, maybe initiate some anime or live actions from them. The name of the company is Entertainment and not just Publishing or Studio or whatever because I believe all forms of art are connected intricately, subtly, and in an unbreakable fashion and though each story can mutate with the different art forms, the story is always translatable to another art.

For example, I could tell a story by writing it or filming/animating it. But I could also paint an image that describes an entire story and takes you through it, or create an album/playlist of songs that when put in a certain order becomes an obvious story. I've done that last one once before and I return to that idea every time i need to understand my characters or the plot better.

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