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Spider-Man G.A.

In G.A. the world began a little differently for Peter Parker than the official Marvel Universe. And though most aspects of his early career remain similar, a great deal occurs behind the scenes as characters converge and the influences of fate conspire to mold Peter into the hero they need him to be. This series is an attempt to compile the vast history of Spider-Man's career and life over the years into a complex narrative merging stories from the 2000s with stories from the 1960s and everything in between. For even as a six-year old Peter Parker is learning that his parents aren't returning from their "business trip", Ezekiel Sims is discovering a temple dedicated to a Spider-God deep in the heart of South America while Madame Web and the Beyonder observe from the moon and discuss the challenges their young subject will face in the coming years on his journey to becoming Spider-Man.

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