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Original Stories

The Legend of Pele

Adaptation of adventures from the legend of the Hawaiian Volcano Goddess.

The Nightglimmer

5 kids in a small suburban town acquire familiars and become mages of destiny.

Jet Storm the Wanderer

When 16 year old, Jake Starwynd is gifted with the magic of a dieing cross-dimensional wizard, known as a Wanderer, hounded by a power-hungry sorcerer, he is introduced to a grand multi-verse filled with new posiibilities ready for him and his two best friends to explore.

Risen Devil

For 14 year old, Zane Archdevah, life is literally Hell. Being the demon son of a high ranking devil may have it's perks, but this young fiend has only dreamed of a life in the holy light. And now, after freeing three high-ranking angels imprisoned in his father's office Zane is granted a unique chance to be an agent of Grace. A new disguise and a series of missions might be his ticket into Heaven. All he has to worry about now is the duo personalities of the rogue spirit girl he rescued and is falling in love with.

Card Summoners

Mythic Masters is a highly competitive card game steadily growing in popularity all over the world. 15 year old foster child, Alex Losst, a promising young duelist from the Hawaii State Championship, plans to use his championship winnings to follow a clue given to him by an actual goddess that will take him half-way around the world to discover the identities of his true parents. However the other members of the American World Representative Team he's been recruited for have problems and plans of their own.

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