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Dreamwave Entertainment

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Welcome to the new site of Dreamwave Entertainment- The all and everything concerning my various projects. This site is the hub and central core dedicated to each of my prospective projects whether they be original, adapted, or simply fan-work.


Current Projects

Magimon: Magical Monster

Animorphs Adaptation

The World of Veronne

The Nightglimmer

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A new artwork has been released on the Veronne Meets page. The art is of my Veronne creature Drumpek battling the Pokemon named Ribombee.


The full 13-page Legend of Pele: Battle of Fire comic is out in the Original Stories section! This was originally released on my Patreon and is now being released in full here 5 weeks after the final page's release on Patreon.


The first pages of The Nightglimmer comic is up! You can find it in the Original Stories section. Pages can be seen a week early on my Patreon. So become a Patron for an early peak.


The second page of Animorphs Chapter 3 is up! Chapter 3 Page 2! A new Veronne Meets Official entry has been posted. This time the Veronne bug Polyrol meets Venipede.


 A new page of Animorphs is up! Animorphs  Chapter 3 Page 1!


New Animorphs Chapter kicks off! Chapter 3 begins now. Released on my Patreon blog supporters and then settles here on Saturdays before it hits anywhere else on the web!


 New Pages a plenty!

Check out the Veronne Creature Index for brand new entries.

Also check out the new Marvel GA Spider-Man section.

And lastly the Magimon Character Tracker section has new pages.

About the author

Hello, I am Kelson Obina, a 28 year-old ambitious writer, illustrator, comic artist, and all round story teller.

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