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Physical Description:

Sandy blond hair. Sky blue eyes. Often wears white, blue, and gray as standard colors.


Calm, level headed. Skillfully makes friends. Easy going. Natural born leader.

Additional Facts

Toby is in love with Rachel Seara. Has random visions and a nightmare of himself he suspects is a vision of the future. The only close friend of Toby's that is not a Magi-Knight is Dylan Skyden, a star basketball player on Colander Middle School's basketball team, and who often comes to Toby for advice on how to impress Suzie, who Dylan has revealed to be his secret crush. Knowing Dylan (Lan for short), Toby hasn't many qualms with his interest in his twin sister and does his best to advise him. But despite this, Lan has yet to follow Toby's most important advice- "Just tell her you like her!"

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He is a puzzle to himself as well as his sister-who is the only other person in the world who knows about his nightmare. Albeit, Toby has never told her what the nightmare is about. It terrifies him each time he has it, and he's had the dream since he was three-years old. He fears his dream because he believes it is a vision of what he will/could become in the future. Metaphorically or otherwise, looking into the mirror he sees a potential monster waiting to destroy the lives of anyone who gets too close to him. Despite this, Toby believes in making friends as long as he can keep the monster inside him locked up tight within his dreams. Suzie once noted that Toby only has the dream during stormy weather. It seems that lately, ever since he met his familiar Clouzi, he can hold back the nightmare even during storm weather.

Rachel and his twin sister have been best friends since they were in preschool. Toby and his best friend, Kurt Markuay often join them in activities and are looked upon in school as a group. Toby plays as a forward on Colander Middle School's soccer team along with his best friend, Kurt. He has played soccer since before he can remember. Despite his field skills and people skills, and to the disappointment of his parents, Toby has shied away from accepting a team captain position offered to him. His parents both see the leadership potential he has and have, on a number of occasions, attempted to push him to positions that would allow that potential to blossom. He has shied away from all leadership positions-that is, until he accidentally became the leader of the Magi-Knights.


When Toby finally confronted the ill-tempered new kid, Eric Guiver, preventing a fight that would have landed another of Toby's friends suspended, he inadvertently revealed his Magimon familiar to the boy. Initially, this is what lead Eric to Toby after his own Magimon familiar had appeared. And, after realizing that Eric had the same mystery on his hands (the Magimon) he made a snap decision to befriend the rough boy, hoping that time with his friends could change the boy's nature. With Kurt's permission, Toby set up a sleep over at Kurt's house to initiate Eric into the group with a friendly bonding experience. Despite the complaints he had overheard Eric saying to his mother at one of Toby's soccer games, Toby found that Eric was a formidable opponent in one-on-one on the field.

He accidentally became the leader of the Magi-Knights. A team made up of his close friends (including Eric) who were revealed to have been drawn to each other because of an ancient destiny to protect the world by fighting corrupt Magimon and bannishing them back to their prison-planet.

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